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M E Smith

There are many ways to view and buy art and everyone has their own preferred time and place. We love visiting gallery exhibitions, art fairs, open studios, art trails and auctions. But we are not in control of the time and place, nor the type of art we see. Imagine if your own personal art exhibition could be brought to you, in your home or workplace.

At View, we offer an art consulting service that we believe is quite unique. We arrive at your location with a process and some tools to make the experience productive and comfortable. We bring lots of knowledge and experience but are not in anyway intimidating. There’s no right or wrong answer to choosing art and we come to you as art lovers, not art critics.

The process starts with an initial visit to your home or workplace. We have a discussion on generic art preferences with, hopefully, a cup of tea. This involves looking through a collection of art from all different genres, styles and medium. You simply says yes or no, with optional comments, and from that we build an ‘art profile’. We then look around the house/workplace at all potential spaces for artwork. We take photos so we can remind ourselves of the space when we’re back at the gallery and also so that we can superimpose images of art to show what the art would look like in situ.

We then send your ‘art profile’ to you for review and comment. If we’ve got it right then the accompanying images of potential art for the required space(s) should hit the mark. After a telephone conversation, we decide whether to take the process to the next stage.

The next visit may involve a second collection of images and another discussion to refine the art profile and specific artwork options. If the first round of suggestions was more successful then we may skip straight to the following stage, which is bringing art work to you and trying it out in the actual spaces. This process may iterate a few times until you are happy with the art work. The result may even be a commission for a bespoke piece of art based on your unique requirements.

The first stage of the process, to build an art profile and options for artwork, is free. It’s something we very much enjoy and hope that it leads to you buying art, but there is no obligation. If you decide to move to further stages then we ask for a fee that is refundable from any purchase made. We are not keen on charging fees but we need to avoid a repetition of the client who had 7 visits and decided not to buy anything!

If you would like to arrange an art consultancy visit or just an initial phone conversation please email



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