Momentum is a forward thinking exhibition showcasing a variety of interpretations of the word. Whether a literal translation, or considered on a deeper level, the artists bring together a fresh outlook to the m... Read more

Altered States

Organic against mechanic, natural versus artificial; the fraught relationship between man and nature provides the inspiration for the ‘Altered States’ exhibition. ‘Altered States’ seeks ... Read more

Social Deformity

Society often reflects the dynamics inherent within each individual making up the whole, so it follows that dysfunction on a micro level plays out on a macro stage. Inner turmoil often leads to outer war, sexua... Read more
First Impressions 2013 cover

First Impressions 2013

On August 29 we will be welcoming the best young local talent of the South-West to our gallery for our second student exhibition. Over the past months we have been receiving submissions for our First Impression... Read more
Summer Salon cover

Summer Salon 2013

We love the Summer. Every year in July and August we experiment with our curating and for the only exhibition of the year we are themeless. The Summer Salon exhibitions give us the opprtunity to try out new art... Read more
Beautiful Death cover

A Beautiful Death

A Beautiful Death provides an overarching view of the perplexities of the quotidian; spiritually, physically and emotionally. The various transitions and stages one experiences throughout life; the vitality of ... Read more

Giant Snails and Tiny Lions

Disproportionate, incohesive and irrational, Giant Snails and Tiny Lions stretches the boundaries of our imagination, making us question sensibility and grab our attention. The exhibition features work from b... Read more

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