Flowers 3

Summer Exhibition

View @ Harveys Cellars brings some sunshine to the gallery with our Summer Exhibition. Six artists use the inspiration of Summer to create paintings exploding with colour and warmth. Vivienne Baker’s paintin... Read more

Summer Salon

During the Summer months of July and August, rather than lazing in the sun, we’ll be upping the pace at View with a rotating exhibition full of energy and surprise. We’ll be introducing many new art... Read more
Jubilee Art

Jubilee Art

It’s Time To Celebrate All Things British We have decided to step away from our usual solo show tradition at Harveys Cellars to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee through several artists. We have chosen art... Read more
Raconteurs cover

The Raconteurs Arena

The Raconteurs Arena is an exhibition that celebrates the story-telling of Bristol, from real-life drama to myths and fables. We have selected stories that we find intriguing, humorous, and bizarre. The history... Read more

Paul Bennett solo show

Abstracted and expressional, Paul Bennett’s captivating seascape and landscape paintings create a sense of intimacy and isolation. In this solo exhibition (View @ Harveys Cellars) Bennett aims for his work to... Read more
Veiled Voyages cover

Veiled Voyages

A voyage of narrative that can take many forms: from epic sailors tales of the high seas to a journey into the unknown, or discovery of the self. ‘Veiled Voyages’ brings together eight artists’ interpreta... Read more

Paresh Nrshinga solo show

Our second show at View@Harveys Cellars is a celebration of colour, culture, and spiritualism. Spirituality plays an integral role in Paresh Nrshinga’s creative practice as his painting process is entirel... Read more

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