Adele Underwood

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About Adele

Unnerving yet engrossing, Adele Underwood’s eye- catching paintings aim to reveal common truths for all humanity.

Her paintings are essentially narrative and whilst eternally seeking meanings, her conclusions are never forced. Instead she intends for the viewer to draw out their own personal messages from her intriguing works.

The latest body of work engages you with a somewhat sensitive concept: burgeoning sexuality. She symbolises the difficulty and confusion that many of us contend with, particularly during adolescence, through the inclusion of animal masks and faces within her images.

Whilst on initial appearance Adele’s creations may seem humorous, the longer spent engaging with them, the more unsettling elements slowly become apparent.


Launch Gallery

Previously exhibited at:

Summer Salon cover

Summer Salon 2014

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Social Deformity

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Summer Salon cover

Summer Salon 2013

We love the Summer. Every year in July and August we experiment with our curating and for the only exhibition of the year we are themeless. The Summer Salon exhibitions give us the opprtunity to try out new artists, new ... Read more

Giant Snails and Tiny Lions

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Summer Salon

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