Beth Carter

About Beth

Beth’s work inspires a pure child-like response as well as deeper adult themes. The unusual characters created by her expansive imagination can be humorous and playful. On further investigation, it is possible to be taken on a more sinister journey of sadness, pity and fear.

Beth is skilled in sculpture, drawing, and unique animated ‘drawings’. Consistent in all forms is an almost eerie amount of life projecting from an inanimate object. With an increasing fan base and growing reputation in the art world, the name Beth Carter is becoming synonymous with ‘collectable’.

Beth Carter is no longer represented by View. Please go to

Previously exhibited at:

105 x 105

Battersea Art Fair

We're returning to one of our favourite art fairs of the year at Battersea London for the Spring Affordable Art Fair. We're exhibiting art from new collections by some of our top artists, who are always popular at thi... Read more
Shining Guest square

The Shining Guest – Beth Carter

One of the most eagerly awaited artistic events of the year. Hot off the back of a highly successful exhibition schedule in New York, Beth Carter is back in Bristol and has been working hard on a new collection for her f... Read more
Summer Salon cover

Summer Salon 2013

We love the Summer. Every year in July and August we experiment with our curating and for the only exhibition of the year we are themeless. The Summer Salon exhibitions give us the opprtunity to try out new artists, new ... Read more
Beautiful Death cover

A Beautiful Death

A Beautiful Death provides an overarching view of the perplexities of the quotidian; spiritually, physically and emotionally. The various transitions and stages one experiences throughout life; the vitality of y... Read more

Giant Snails and Tiny Lions

Disproportionate, incohesive and irrational, Giant Snails and Tiny Lions stretches the boundaries of our imagination, making us question sensibility and grab our attention. The exhibition features work from... Read more

True Identity?

Who are we? Where are we from? Who do we want to be? 'True Identity?' showcases work by 6 artists, from emerging to internationally acclaimed. Their investigative responses explore ancestral roots, connection... Read more

Summer Salon

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Veiled Voyages cover

Veiled Voyages

A voyage of narrative that can take many forms: from epic sailors tales of the high seas to a journey into the unknown, or discovery of the self. ‘Veiled Voyages’ brings together eight artists’ interpretation of... Read more


Amalgamation - 'The act of combining or uniting’ All creation is in flux with no ultimate bounds on any form of life. The human and animal relationship has been a continuous inspiration in civilisation throughout th... Read more

In Darkness Blooms

The Cereus flower, also known as the Night Princess, opens only in the hours of darkness, bearing a sumptuous fragrance. ‘In Darkness Blooms’ features six artists who express their connection to their hidden worlds. ... Read more

Here and Now

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Comfortably Strange

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Christmas Show 09

Artists demonstrate their multi-skilled and multi-media talents in an exhibition packed with variety to simultaneously stimulate many of our senses. A beautifully haunting musical soundtrack accompanies the same artis... Read more

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