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convergence (part 4) For the last time

Fran WIlliams interview

After a BA in Illustration, how did you make the transition into the fine art world? Whilst studying illustration I really began to understand the relationship between mark making and emotive visual impact. The briefs a... Read more
dean photo sq

Dean Melbourne interview

How does your process begin when planning your paintings? I cant say I plan paintings. I kind of brew them in my head. I am always putting ingredients in there. Books, movies, news stories, research. I don’t know how t... Read more
seasons fall 1

Paul Bennett interview

You rely on memory to create your images, is there anywhere in the world that holds particular resonance with you? The West Coast of Scotland is a place I have frequently visited and it’s a place that I think has influ... Read more
Digital StillCamera

Hannah Lewis Davies interview

How and when did your life as an artist begin? Looking back, I’d say I was always destined to do something creative with my life. As a child I was constantly doodling or making something, so I never saw myself having a... Read more
07E103802T 38x38 Scarlet night (mixed media)

Paresh Nrshinga interview

Being a spiritual man, do you believe that you chose, or were you chosen to create art? I chose to be an artist from a young age. I have always been attracted to art and artists, instantly drawn to paintings. Are we chos... Read more

Adele Underwood Interview

Tell us a bit about your studio and how your working day usually runs? When I arrive I usually sit for a bit, studying the work, almost immediately I know if it’s right, the signals come flooding in, and I construc... Read more
botanicskull5_seagull2 copy

Jacob Dahlstrup interview

What initially steered you on the path of being an artist? I basically grew up in an artist studio since my mum was a painter working and teaching from her home studio. Through my family I had a great creative support fr... Read more

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