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dean photo sq

Dean Melbourne interview

How does your process begin when planning your paintings? I cant say I plan paintings. I kind of brew them in my head. I am always putting ingredients in there. Books, movies, news stories, research. I don’t know how t... Read more
seasons fall 1

Paul Bennett interview

You rely on memory to create your images, is there anywhere in the world that holds particular resonance with you? The West Coast of Scotland is a place I have frequently visited and it’s a place that I think has influ... Read more
Digital StillCamera

Hannah Lewis Davies interview

How and when did your life as an artist begin? Looking back, I’d say I was always destined to do something creative with my life. As a child I was constantly doodling or making something, so I never saw myself having a... Read more
07E103802T 38x38 Scarlet night (mixed media)

Paresh Nrshinga interview

Being a spiritual man, do you believe that you chose, or were you chosen to create art? I chose to be an artist from a young age. I have always been attracted to art and artists, instantly drawn to paintings. Are we chos... Read more

Adele Underwood Interview

Tell us a bit about your studio and how your working day usually runs? When I arrive I usually sit for a bit, studying the work, almost immediately I know if it’s right, the signals come flooding in, and I construc... Read more
botanicskull5_seagull2 copy

Jacob Dahlstrup interview

What initially steered you on the path of being an artist? I basically grew up in an artist studio since my mum was a painter working and teaching from her home studio. Through my family I had a great creative support fr... Read more
Mark Youd - Portrait web

Mark Youd interview

As we know you have previously had a successful career as a draughtsman in design and technical illustration, so do you believe artistic creativity is innate? I was certainly born with an inescapable desire to paint and ... Read more

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