Exhibition Runs:
24th Jan - 17th Mar 2013

Ka-Boom web

Ka-Boom! draws on creativity from the comic book universe, bringing together an explosive show of dynamic artwork from emerging and established artists. This collection of fast paced, electric images will provide a sensory overload for visitors.

The exhibition crosses generations of storytelling. With the thematic elements of the comic book traceable back to ancient Greek mythological gods and superheroes, and with its format evolving from the narrative sequences of cave painting, this genre is seeped in history.

With a combination of neon integrated works, sculpture, painting and drawing, Ka-Boom!‘s heroes, villains and landscapes are largely created within the imaginations the artists. Prepare to be transported by Kristian Fletcher and Thomas Dowdeswell into mysterious cities, introduced to a world of unnerving fictional characters by Damian Daly and Mr Mead, astounded by Darren West’s racy neon-works and Ben Allen’s electric images and to recognize famous personalities from this enchanting world by Paul Oz. The result will be a vivacious show of colour, excitement, intrigue and happiness.

Despite the playful appearance and reputation of the comic book, there is a serious undertone to this style of art. Traditionally occupying the fringes of pop culture, it is much more than just a simple form of entertainment. As its themes, characters and narratives largely feed off historical context and cultural trends, it can be seen as a reflection of contemporary and past society, politics and culture.

“I’m through talking, now get out of my cave” (Batman said to Robin)



Artists Exhibiting at Ka-Boom!

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