Location update

We have found somewhere spectacular in Bristol to locate our gallery. We are currently in negotiations and hope to be settled in a new space soon. Meanwhile, we will continue to trade online, exhibit at art fairs and of... Read more
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Satire, controversy, humour, creativity, technical, political… and overwhelmingly good fun entertainment. This really is an event for everyone. My experience of Dismaland started well before we arrived. I was in a ... Read more

The Other Art Fair

I was keen to visit The Other Art Fair in Bristol to see how this different model of selling art worked. The key difference to most art fairs is that The Other Art Fair excludes galleries and allows collectors to buy art... Read more

Welcome Lucy

A big welcome to Lucy Clements who joins the View team as an art consultant. Lucy brings a wealth of experience from many roles in the art world, including sales, marketing and curating. She is a keen art historian and i... Read more
M E Smith

Your own personal art exhibition

There are many ways to view and buy art and everyone has their own preferred time and place. We love visiting gallery exhibitions, art fairs, open studios, art trails and auctions. But we are not in control of the time a... Read more

Kristian Fletcher – a journey of discovery

Rarely have I seen a rapid transition of an artist moving through medium and style with such dramatic change. Kristian Fletcher began his artistic career drawing meticulous architectural scenes of buildings. They soon de... Read more

Vanessa Haarhoff

We were looking forward to welcoming Vanessa Haarhoff to View Art Gallery and seeing what the fuss was about. With the backing of the MFPA (Mouth and Foot Painting Association) and an enthusiastic PR company, Vanessa wa... Read more

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